Hello, Timing Solution User! 


Thank you for choosing Timing Solution software. 

You get a standard package of the Timing Solution that includes these two items:

1) the installation CD with the program's version that works with Hardware Key

2) the Hardware key itself

You are also able to get the program's version with Electronic Key. In this case, you will download the program through the Internet. 


To install the version with Hardware Key, install the program from the installation CD and plug the Hardware Key in your computer. The installation CD and Hardware Key are shipped to you by mail and form a standard package of Timing Solution.

Thus, you can run this version of the program anywhere you want. Every time, you need only to:

  1. install the program from the installation CD;
  2. do the installation of Hardware Key 
  3. plug the Hardware Key (dongle) in your computer.


The Electronic Key version works only on the computer where you have installed the program initially.

To install this version, you need to do these things just once:

  1. download the installation program from the Internet: http://www.timingsolution.com/ts_setup_key_adv.zip
  2. unpack the ts_setup_key_adv.zip file and run the program ts_setup_key_adv.exe;
  3. after the installation, open "Timing Solution" folder and run "Timing Solution" program:

    You will get a dialog window: 

    In this window, you need to enter your user name of your choice. Your Hardware ID (the unique number belonging to your machine) will be displayed automatically;

  5. to activate the program, send us your Username and Hardware ID (as in the window shown above). We will send you the Serial number of your Electronic Key;
  6. open again "Timing Solution" folder and run "Timing Solution Advanced" program. In the dialog window, type this Serial Number and the Username; click on "Register" button. After that, you will be available to use this program on your computer. Remember: to install the Electronic Key version on some other computer or to use the program on the same machine after you do the hardware upgrade of your computer, you should get the new Serial number.