How to migrate your Timing Solution data from one computer to another



1) Firstly when you buy a new computer (or updated the old one) you have to install Timing Solution on your new computer, this routine is explained here:


2) You need to have some flush drive/memory steak/SSD drive any device to store your information, let's call it storage device.  Plug this storage device with your OLD computer.  Running standard Windows utility "File Explorer":



check the drive that is associated with this storage device. Let's it will be drive D:\


3) Next step: on your OLD computer in Timing Solution folder run "TS Backup" utility:



4) To backup your personal files click this button there:


5)  The program will ask drive where to backup your files, choose your storage device, in our case drive D:\



You see, the program stores your backup into  D:\TS_backup_Apr_5_2017.ts_bkp file.


6) The last steps are: plug storage device with your NEW computer, run TS Backup utility on your NEW computer, choose there your drive (1), backup file (2) and click "Restore your files..." button (3):



The program will copy your personal files into your NEW computer.