Timing Solution Calendar

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Timing Solution Calendar is a small program that allows to browse some models created with Timing Solution software. This stand-alone program does not require installing Timing Solution software on your computer. You can use models created on some other computer or by somebody else (who is able to create Timing Solution models). Only if you would like to put into this Calendar records based on your own models, you should have Timing Solution software to be installed on your computer.

Timing Solution Calendar allows working with ready models only. We provide two ready models:

1.The model that contains culminations for Ptolemy aspects, planetary ingresses and moments when planets change direct/retrograde movement to the opposite;

2.The model with midpoints culminations.

For both models, the covered interval is 1950-2015 years. The models use Geocentric coordinates (no parallax) for all planets and do not take aberration into account (no aberration).

Run the program and click this button to open one of the models:

You get the list of events available in your folder model. Choose any of them:

You will get a calendar with astro phenomena:

Using these controls, you can vary a day, a month and a year:

While you change these parameters, the program recalculates calendar automatically.

By default the program uses New York local time to display the event�s time. You can use any other time zone as well by clicking on this button:

Click �Exchange Location� button there and choose a time zone you want to use. As an example, let say we choose Berlin time zone:

Now the Calendar shows dates for all events in Berlin time:

Timing Solution users have one more possibility. �Upcoming Events� module of the software allows to generate a calendar like this:

Here the program performs the statistical analysis of astrological events to figure out how these events affect some financial instrument. The program displays the effect of the most significant Astro events for the day � the time and how this event most likely affects the price (upward arrow means that the price tends to go up, while the downward arrow indicates that the price tends to go down).

To print the Calendar, use this button:

Click here to download TS Calendar