Project Terra Incognita

What is Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita is a Timing Solution project that works with experimental modules. This project is named "Terra Incognita" (Unknown Land) because the question of what moves the markets is still open. This is where new ideas are tested, giving you an opportunity to try these ideas in your work. The goal of Timing Solution is still the same: to create a reliable projection line, though with Terra Incognita modules you may improve your forecast with techniques not available in the main program.

The basic Timing Solution modules are implementations of certain popular ideas; they have been tested, refined and perfected for your use. Unlike these basic modules, Terra Incognita modules explore new ideas that might be beneficial to your trading (like Q-Spectrum) or apply methods well-known in other fields of knowledge (like Neural Networks or the use of wavelets and application of Walk Forward Analysis). Parameters of these models are constantly being tested over and over, helping to improve the forecast models. As a result, you have the opportunity to test new ways to come up with a forecast, ways that you will not be able to do without Terra Incognita modules.

Why Terra Incognita

With TS Terra Incognita you become a part of a group of fellow explorers. You will be able to participate in the growth of the project, creation of new modules, and testing of existing models. You can contribute to TS Terra Incognita project by sharing your own ways of working with the software modules and showing your forecasts. You will be able to do it in your own pace (i.e., download the upgrades when it is convenient to you; test the models when you have time; share if you wish to do so).

The subscribers have the access to the project updates. The updates are similar to what you have already experienced with the core Timing Solution software.

Because Terra Incognita works with modules that are constantly being updated, and the new ones being created to explore new ideas, it requires a subscription to be used. A one year subscription is included with the purchase of Timing Solution Advanced. Registered customers of TS Advanced version can purchase a subscription below.

Current modules developed within Terra Incognita project

Here is the list of all the modules currently included in the Terra Incognita project. Clicking on any item in the list will lead to a description of the module.

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Terra Incognita is available only for existing customers with Timing Solution Advanced version. When you purchase TS Advanced, you have a one year free access to Terra Incognita modules. After that, the access to Terra Incognita modules is subscription-based. To subscribe, please use one of the options below.

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