Timing Solution - the most asked questions


What data the software is able to work with?

- Timing Solution software allows to work with any financial instrument data. The price history can be downloaded from many sources: some previously saved files as well as a variety of Internet sources. The software is able to read practically any text format (more than a thousand). These files can be Excel  files, as well as Metastock and CSI files. Please see more details  here: http://www.timingsolution.com/Doc/level_1/2.htm ;  Simply speaking, if you can save your price history from some other software/service/website into Excel or a text file, this price history can be downloaded into Timing Solution software.

- We believe that the data for research should be open to all. That is why we keep an eye on available free price history sources. As an example, Timing Solution software has a possibility to download price history data from Yahoo, Quandl, Alpha Vantage services. The program also easily reads price history data provided by some Internet data sources such as investing.com, stooq.com, etc. - directly from their websites (see this list http://www.timingsolution.com/TS/Links/price_data.htm );

- The software has a possibility to download price history data and to stream real time data using e-Signal service (though you should subscribe to that service separately);

- FOREX traders can use MetaTrader datafeed; it is free mostly (depending on your broker).


What data is preferable - intraday, EOD, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. and what is a tradable forecast horizon

Timing Solution works with any price bar: 1, 5, 10, 30 seconds, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 minutes, 1, 2 hours, EOD, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly charts. 

In terms of forecasting ability, the models provided by the software are designed to forecast stock market behavior several days ahead (and longer). No scalping models. This problem is explained here:  http://timingsolution.com/TS/Mini/120/index.htm

How accurate are Timing Solution forecasts?

In Timing Solution we employ very precise and strict criteria to verify the projection line. In other words, we apply scientific methodology. You can trust the calculations made by the software, though our figures may seem not so impressive as claimed by some other vendors. If you are looking for 90% accurate forecast system, better look at some other place.

The typical forecast ability of a projection line provided by Timing Solution is 10%, i.e. it can explain 10% of price movements. Please read here more regarding this subject: http://www.timingsolution.com/TS/Articles/10pc_above_Chaos/index.htm


Is it easy to learn how to work with the software? Is there any learning curve?

The program is huge. As of now (July 2019), it covers practically everything related to the cyclical analysis of the markets. And there is much more in it. A new user might be overwhelmed with all available features and techniques. Some might think that the program is quite complicated. It is not so, do not be sacred.

 We created for you the path to learn the software's abilities, Master the simplest techniques and only then move to more sophisticated ones. We recommend to start learning the software features with these classes: http://www.timingsolution.com/Doc/level_1/index.htm


What kind of support can I get from Timing Solution team?

Timing Solution is not just a program once written and never changed after. It is a live entity, growing in the process of learning. And we have Timing Solution community of customers and supporters that is also learning and growing. You will not be left alone. After purchasing the software, you will become a member of  Timing Solution Groups.io: https://timingsolution.groups.io/g/main . Only registered Timing Solution users can post on this Group. We discuss there Timing Solution techniques and trading experience involving the use of Timing Solution software. Some new features and techniques that appear in the software are the result of those discussions. Also, this Group is a contact point where we send regularly the information about upgrades and bugs fixing.

And Timing Solution Support team is at your service. Email is any questions you may have: timingsolution17@gmail.com


What will happen after I buy Timing Solution software?

As soon as you made a payment, PayPal sends a notice to you and to Timing Solution support team.

After getting this notice, TS team sends you an e-mail with instructions how to download the electronic key version of the software. Please follow these instructions. It involves providing TS Support team the hardware ID of your computer.

If the purchase is made within our business hours, new customers get these instructions practically the same hour. If the purchase is made on a weekend or holidays, you will get instructions as soon as some team member has a chance to check company's e-mails. Usually it means waiting for several hours. Otherwise you will have to wait till the next business day. It is our concern that you get the software as soon as it is possible.


Does the program work on MAC computers?

 The program is written for Windows operating system. Please make sure that it is possible to run Windows applications with your MAC. You need to have installed Windows emulator for MAC. The most used Windows emulators for MAC are:


VWMware Fusion