Timing Solution Classes

Welcome to Timing Solution Classes!

You will find here the useful information regarding functions and abilities of the program. It is not a reference library. The information here is organized in respect to your level of using the program.

Basic - Timing Solution Classes are recommended to all new users and veterans who would like to refresh their memory regarding different modules of the program. The lessons cover all basic modules of Timing Solution. We suggest doing examples together with Sergey and homework as well. At the end, you should be able to work with the program easily, provide the analysis of your stock or commodity prices and create a forecast..

Intermediate - Different approaches. Here the same modules of the program are observed in more details. These are not classes, I would better call this part as useful hints to create forecasting models.

Advanced - This part is designed for advanced users. They will find here the ideas and results of Timing Solution application to trading.

The article "Timing Solution in 100 minutes"  provides the fast introduction to Timing Solution

General overview of cyclical models is here: Cyclical analysis in essence in 33 pictures

Basic - Timing Solution Classes

Interface and Charting tools

Universal Language of Events (SuperSearch/ULE)

Astronomical Cycles (Composite)

Turbo Astro  module in Timing Solution (Advanced version)   Click here for details. 

Dominant Astro  Cycles module in Timing Solution (Advanced version)   Click here for details. 

Phenomena module    Click here for details. 

Heliocentric declination    Click here for details. 


Regular Cycles (Spectrum module)




Intermediate - Different approaches


Module Article
Models based on fixed cycles (Spectrum and Easy Cycle)
Models Based on Astro Cycles (Phenomenological model)
Neural Network
ULE (SuperSearch), Efficiency Test





The most important classes you can download here