Timing Solution Tutorials

This section has information for new users. We believe that you will learn software abilities quickly and will use it effectively if you follow these steps.

Tutorial Level 1: Basic techniques - this our official documentation, it covers basic techniques and skills.

Other Languages

Documentation and video to Timing Solution in Italian recorded by Nicola A

YouTube channel talking about Timing Solution software on Arabic Language for Middle East people

Useful tools for TS users

Weekly Classes - time to time we do special classes covering different subjects

Timing Solution Group  - all Timing Solution get access to Timing Solution support Group, where they can share they results/finding/experience and got fast answer to their questions

Knowledge Data Base - this automated Help System. Just type keyword there like "Spectrum" and you will get all articles regarding spectrum module.



Tutorial Level II: Applications Many new users are confused by abundance of available techniques. Here you will find the description of the most workable techniques. You will be able not only to create the projection line, you will learn how to verify it. We update these classes from time to time while the new techniques are developed.



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Useful classes

Cyclical analysis in essence in 33 pictures

Data Formats and Data Feeds for Timing Solution