Additional study regarding Spectrum and Cyclical analysis



Very basics of harmonic analysis - a detailed explanation of basic definitions and methods used in harmonic analysis (periodical functions, waveforms, Fourier analysis, overtones ...)

Cyclical analysis in essence in 33 pictures - a general  explanation of different cyclical models that are present now in Timing Solution software (classical cyclical analysis, wavelet analysis, astro cycles, analysis of price patterns).

Wavelet analysis: Wavelet analysis is a part of cyclical analysis especially important for financial data where practically any cycle does not represent itself forever; cycles have some restricted "living" time. Wavelet analysis issues are discussed in these articles below:

Wavelet analysis - cycles early warning system - a basic explanation regarding wavelet analysis

Wavelet Cycle Hunter - thoughts on application of wavelet analysis for financial data

Fading cycles of the stock market - the techniques of classical cyclical analysis applied in physics not always may be applied for financial data. In this article you will find the explanation why...

Q-Spectrum: Q-Spectrum is a new powerful module that allows to reveal cycles using a unique combination of methods of classical cyclical analysis and classical financial analysis (walk forward analysis). These articles illustrate the idea:

Q-Spectrum - an explanation of Q-spectrum features

Anti-Information - a discussion of new issues that Q-spectrum brings to our attention

Turbo cycles: This module automatically calculates spectrum, extracts the most important cycles and calculates the projection line based on these cycles. This is a quick way to do cycles analysis which is especially important for intraday chart; the module perfectly works in real time mode. These articles are recommended:

Turbo Cycles module - a detailed explanation how Turbo cycles module works

Back Testing for Turbo Cycles module - a description of ways to find optimal parameters for Turbo cycles models