Timing Solution Knowledge Data Base

A Newcomer’s Introduction to Timing Solution
 "Fat tails" in finance  Click here
 1 What Timing Solution does?  Click here
 10% above Chaos: trading and trading tools  Click here
 3 Subscribe Timing Solution News  Click here
 4 Demo Version  Click here
  Classes: Astro Expert System  Click here
  Important: Creating customized fundamentals  Click here
  Important: How to migrate your Timing Solution data from one computer to another and backup your personal files  Click here
  Important: Neural Network Backtesting (EOD data)  Click here
  Important: Timing Solution: the most workable techniques (intraday chart)   Click here
  Important: Turning Points Analyzer module - ten years later...  Click here
  Classes: Verification of a projection line  Click here
  Classes: Very basics of harmonic analysis  Click here
 Astro Metric charting tools in Timing Solution  Click here
 Averaged Longitude  Click here
 Bigger Games -the peculiarities of financial statistic  Click here
 Building Neural Network models for short price history  Click here
 Continious futures adjastment problem  Click here
 FAQ  Click here
 Gann Fans charting tool  Click here
 How to activate Terra Incognita modules  Click here
 Predictable Zones technique  Click here
 Price-Time Universe  Click here
 Problem with astro glyphs  Click here
 Simplest Backtesting of Neural Network Module  Click here
 Smart snap mode in Timing Solution charting tools  Click here
 Timing Solution Credo  Click here
 Timing Solution Yahoo Group  Click here
 Tradable Forecast Horizon  Click here
 Trading with "Victoria Secret"  Click here
 What "Stock market forecast" means in Timing Solution?  Click here

 "Out of system resources" and "Out of memory" problem  Click here
  Important: Directions for new users (User Area,Documentation,Upgrades,Timing Solution Yahoo Group)  Click here
  Important: Downloading electronic key version and upgrades  Click here
  Important: Installing Timing Solution on a new computer and getting the Update and Terra modules  Click here
  Important: Timing Solution in 115 minutes (fast introduction )  Click here
  Important: Troubleshooting  Click here
 Clear Intitial Settings  Click here
 Converting price bars program (daily->weekly, monthly ...)  Click here
 Downloading Timing Solution from Internet  Click here
 Downloading Timing Solution from Internet  Click here
 Out of memory problem  Click here
 PrintKey -Screenshot (screeen capture)  Click here
 Timing Solution with Windows 8  Click here
 Windows 10 - problem with vanishing windows  Click here

Downloading Price History and Real Time
  Important: e-Signal troubleshooting  Click here
  Important: Forecast Horizon  Click here
  Important: Yahoo/Quandl/e-Signal/Metatrader/IB/Ameritrade Real time in Timing Solution  Click here
 Ameri Trade Datafeed  Click here
 Counters in Timing Solution  Click here
 Downloading Metastock data  Click here
 e-Signal test software  Click here
 Fixing corrupted worksheets  Click here
 Historical Data Formats in Timing Solution  Click here
 How to define my own exchange location?   Click here
 How to update price history with TS worksheet  Click here
 Instruction for MAC users  Click here
 Logarithm, Square Root scales in Timing Solution  Click here
 MetaStock version 15  Click here
 MetaTrader datafeed  Click here
 Multiple Time Zones  Click here
 Real Time in Timing Solution  Click here
 Real time/data feeding in Timing Solution  Click here
 Time Zones in Timing Solution  Click here
 Time Zones/Daily/Daily Intraday/Weekly Intraday  Click here

Interface, Indicators and Charting Tools
  Classes: Forecast with 2D planetary distance charting tool  Click here
  Important: Planetary Steps charting tools  Click here
  Important: Planetary Time Module  Click here
  Classes: Planets movement in Price-Time Universe   Click here
  Important: Snap mode  Click here
  Classes: Technical Analysis Indicators  Click here
 Charting Tools (Fibonacci, Pitchfork, Trend lines, Channels ...)  Click here
 Charting Tools: Support/Risistance Levels  Click here
 Creating customized calendar with Timing Solution  Click here
 Drawing Equilateral Triangles Using Precise Charting in Timing Solution  Click here
 Filtered Zigzag  Click here
 Finding the right scale  Click here
 Forecast Horizon  Click here
 Gann Fan - Colors  Click here
 How to browse big tables with TS Calendar  Click here
 Market Profile  Click here
 Non future leaks technology  Click here
 Planetary Picture Time module (PPT)  Click here
 Precise Charting module - AUTOCAD for Market geometry  Click here
 Precise charting with Timing Solution  Click here
 Precise ephemeris for charting tools  Click here
 Saga about trend lines - working with proportions and angles  Click here
 Scaling charting tools  Click here
 Smart charting tools in Timing Solution  Click here
 Sun and Moon in heliocentric Zodiac  Click here
 Time/Bar scales in Timing Solution  Click here
 Timing Solution templates  Click here
 Timing Solution Worksheet  Click here
 Trade days/hours and projection line  Click here
 TS precise charting module  Click here

General questions
 80% forecast - let"s be humble  Click here
  Important: Intraday models in Timing Solution  Click here
  Important: Inversions - projection line with a secret  Click here
  Important: Quantum Trading  Click here
  Important: Technical Analysis indicators statistics  Click here
  Important: Terra Incognita  Click here
  Important: Things we cannot forecast  Click here
  Important: Things we cannot forecast  Click here
  Important: Timing Solution Calendar  Click here
  Important: TS Terra Incognita Project #1: Trading Strategy Constructor (TSC)  Click here
  Classes: Variety of data  Click here
 Advanced Detrended Zigzag   Click here
 Anti-Information  Click here
 Application of basic statistics in Timing Solution  Click here
 Beyond of average  Click here
 Can we forecast the stock market?  Click here
 Chi Square Criterion  Click here
 Chi Square Criterion in efficiency test module  Click here
 Committee  Click here
 Creating list on Natal charts in Timing Solution  Click here
 Detrended Zigzag  Click here
 Economy demystified  Click here
 Finding LEADING indicator to make forecast  Click here
 Four steps to build forecast  Click here
 Future leaks indicators in Timing Solution  Click here
 Fuzzy Logic in Market Trader  Click here
 Gold, Forex, Oil before year 1973  Click here
 How astrology works - quest for research  Click here
 How to remove old version of Timing Solution Basic and install Timing Solution Advanced (Windows 7)  Click here
 How to speedup calculations  Click here
 How to use the correlation coefficient (Composite, Neural Network)?   Click here
 Insidiousness of "good" indicators  Click here
 Inversions  Click here
 Math techniques in Timing Solution  Click here
 Moon phases  Click here
 Moon phases  Click here
 Nyquist frequency - door into Chaos  Click here
 Predicting Tomorrow’s Price and Efficient Market Theory  Click here
 Q Box module  Click here
 Quantum models - Ideas versus Digits   Click here
 Reaction effect  Click here
 Science of Forecast  Click here
 Stock Memory (SM)  Click here
 Swiss Ephemeris in Timing Solution  Click here
 Target: what to forecast  Click here
 The common sense is first ...  Click here
 The Sun-Moon (Solar-Lunar) cycles for daily and intraday data  Click here
 Timing Solution in progress, 2016 - "Where is TRUTH  Click here
 Timing Solution Technology (TST)  Click here
 Timing Solution: SDI interface  Click here
 Training and Testing intervals. Learning Border Cursor (LBC)  Click here
 Trend following systems - "Lost Paradise"  Click here
 TS vs TA (Timing Solution and Technical Analysis indicators)  Click here
 VIX Reversion Long Term and Short Term"  Click here
 What is the Correlation Coefficient?  Click here
 What Relative Price Oscillator is more preferable?   Click here
 Wheat - case study  Click here
 Wild risks, wild randomness  Click here

SuperSearch/ULE Module
  Classes: Lesson 1: Simpe model, Efficiency Test  Click here
  Classes: Lesson 1: Simpe model, Efficiency Test- part II  Click here
  Classes: Lesson 3: A proof of astro cycles impact on the stock market. A la Bradley model.   Click here
  Classes: Lesson 4: ULE - Algebra of Events, Part I  Click here
  Classes: Lesson 5: ULE - Algebra of Events, Part II  Click here
  Classes: Multi-Search module  Click here
  Classes: SuperSearch/ULE Examples  Click here
 Astro indicators in Timing Solution  Click here
 Crush Indicator  Click here
 Declinations: how they affect the stock market   Click here
 Efficiency Test test module  Click here
 Elongation  Click here
 Function in ULE  Click here
 Fundamentals: Democrat/Republican and they application   Click here
 Galactic Center  Click here
 Gravitation of the planets and its effect on the stock market  Click here
 Heliocentric declination - astrology without astronomy  Click here
 How to calculate "good" and "bad" periods for somebody"s Natal chart  Click here
 How to define Customize Aspects  Click here
 Index of Cyclical Variation  Click here
 Key Chart Similarity - finding Astro analogy  Click here
 Perigee, Apogee and their influence on the stock market   Click here
 Planetary speed  Click here
 Right Ascension  Click here
 Risky strategy  Click here
 Saturn-Neptune cycle: case study  Click here
 Simple ULE module  Click here
 Solar System Center of Mass (CM): case study  Click here
 Tables in Timing Solution (How to create the list of culminations)  Click here
 Terms Faces Detriment Fall Rulership Exaltation Duads  Click here
 The Earth-Air Indicator: The Balance Between the Virtual And the Real Economy  Click here
 ULE - all about aspects  Click here
 ULE module - Universal Language of Events   Click here
 USD/CHF Mars Geo Case Study  Click here
 Using interval filters with ULE  Click here
 What artifacts we may face providing the Efficiency Test? Why do we need control groups?  Click here

Cycle Models and Spectrum analysis
  Classes: 2 Improving your forecast (for intraday)  Click here
  Classes: Back Testing for Turbo Cycles module  Click here
  Important: Cyclic analysis in finance - science and art  Click here
  Important: Cyclical analysis in essence in 33 pictures  Click here
  Classes: Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in Timing Solution  Click here
  Important: Q Spectrum  Click here
  Important: Q Spectrum  Click here
  Classes: Quantum models - Ideas versus Digits  Click here
  Important: Spectrum Module and Cyclical Analysis  Click here
  Important: Trading Spectrum  Click here
  Classes: Using Easy Cycles Module to Create Hurst Cycles  Click here
  Classes: Wavelet analysis - cycles early warning system  Click here
  Important: Wavelet Cycle Hunter  Click here
 Customized cycles - Presidential cycle, Chinese Annual cycle, Jewish Annual cycle etc.  Click here
 Cycles apology  Click here
 Cyclical Genome (CG)  Click here
 Detrended Zigzag+ Spectrum=Creating models that catch turning points better  Click here
 Dow Jones Long term forecast in context of 200 years of its history  Click here
 Economical and Decimal cycles  Click here
 Evolution of cyclical analysis in finance  Click here
 Fading cycles of the stock market  Click here
 Multiframe versus Standard Spectrum  Click here
 Overview of cycle based models in Timing Solution  Click here
 Quantum Figures  Click here
 Saga about fixed cycles (review of cyclic models)  Click here
 Stock Market Metrics  Click here
 The things that I do not understand ...  Click here
 Trading Spectrum - Moment of Truth  Click here
 TS Standard model - cycles in finance  Click here
 Turbo Cycles module  Click here

Astronomical/Astrological Models
  Gann Planetary Averages  Click here
  Classes: 2 Composite - Introduction  Click here
  Classes: 3 Split criteria and Correlation criteria: how to pick up the most important cycles  Click here
  Classes: 4 Composite - playing around  Click here
  Important: Astro based trading systems  Click here
  Important: Astrology without Natal chart  Click here
  Important: Dynamic model  Click here
  Classes: Easy Expert module  Click here
  Important: Natural cycles module  Click here
  Important: Patterned Cycles (Fast Annual, Decennial, Seasonal-Weekly, Weekly-Diurnal cycles)  Click here
  Important: Planetary Bar technique  Click here
  Important: Planetary lines optimizer  Click here
  Important: Tidal Force  Click here
  Classes: Trading the Eclipse  Click here
  Important: Turbo Astro module  Click here
 Active degrees/angles  Click here
 Adding new asteroids to Swiss ephemeris module  Click here
 Annual cycle and its variations  Click here
 Annual cycle in epoch of Presidential election  Click here
 Antis - Ctr. Antis Parallel - Ctr. Parallel aspects  Click here
 Astro based models for Intraday - Parallax and Aberration  Click here
 Astrological cycle based models in Timing Solution  Click here
 Basic astronomical cycles for traders  Click here
 Be aware of cycles periods  Click here
 Bradley astro intraday models  Click here
 Bradley Siderograph - Part I  Click here
 Bradley Siderograph - Part II  Click here
 Bradley Siderograph - Part III  Click here
 Composite Box - Projection line  Click here
 Composite module - Natal Chart, Sidereal Zodiac and South Node  Click here
 Dominant Astro Cycles module  Click here
 Duads and their Terms - pars pro toto  Click here
 Dynamic Cycles  Click here
 Equidistant lines based on inner planets - definite range time  Click here
 Events Box module  Click here
 Evolution of Bradley Model  Click here
 FAM - Floating Angle Model  Click here
 Forecast July 15, 2013 - back into 1794 and astro sentiments  Click here
 Forecast based on astronomical cycles  Click here
 Heliocentric declination  Click here
 Hierarchic Cycles in astro trading asto cycles  Click here
 How To Create a Long Term Forecast Using Composite  Click here
 How to use Harmonics in Composite module?   Click here
 How to work with targets in the Composite module?  Click here
 I would wish to be able to use Composite module to research on market behaviour when the planets are in retrograde and show the difference between when a planet is in retrograde and when it is in direct.  Click here
 In Mundo Zodiac  Click here
 Memory of Cosmos - finding Astro similarities  Click here
 Moon model  Click here
 Parallax, Aberration, Planets in Houses - fine structure of Ephemeris  Click here
 Phenomena module  Click here
 Phenomenological Models  Click here
 Phenomenological model for Hang Seng Composite Index  Click here
 Phenomenological Solution in Timing Solution  Click here
 Planetary Hours  Click here
 Planetary Lines optimizer Examples written by Peter Palaskas  Click here
 Planetary phases  Click here
 Planetary Waves  Click here
 Planetary Waves  Click here
 Progressions in Timing Solution  Click here
 Smart steps module  Click here
 Smooth orb in Composite Module   Click here
 Stock Market Time-Space Universe  Click here
 Sun and Moon in heliocentric Zodiac  Click here
 Sunspot activity and stock market  Click here
 Swiss Ephemeris module troubleshooting  Click here
 T17 module - astro trading  Click here
 Tidal force, Sunspot activity and Geomagnetic activity  Click here
 Validating Planetary Lines by Jim Ranum  Click here
 VIX Tendencies at Option Expiration  Click here
 Working with planetary time module  Click here

Neural Net
  Important: Aspects Model  Click here
  Important: Forecast models based on planetary speeds  Click here
 Buy/Sell Signals  Click here
 FAM - Floating Angle Model  Click here
 How to avoid over training  Click here
 Neural Net Module Step-by-step guide  Click here
 Next day forecast - anti-trend forecast systems  Click here
 Overtraining, stochastic effect  Click here
 Quantum Astro Trading  Click here
 Searching and verifying Neural Network models  Click here
 Waxing/Waning - Optimistic/Pessimistic indicator  Click here

Turning Points
  Important: Stock market waves in the light of the Moon  Click here
  Important: Turning Points Analyzer  Click here
  Important: Turning Points Analyzer - written by Jim Ranum  Click here
 Active degrees/angles (Composite module)  Click here
 Each and Every 7th Wave  Click here
 Turning Points Analyzer  Click here
 Turning Points Analyzer (TPA) quick overview  Click here
 Turning Points Astro Indicator (Stitistical analysis)  Click here
 Zigzag similarity module (Pattern Recognition software)  Click here

  Important: Intraday models: Instincts versus Knowledge  Click here
  Important: Stop loss  Click here
 Creating quantum indicators and verifying indicators  Click here
 Five Steps to a Profitable Trade  Click here
 How I use Planetary Lines  Click here
 How to choose the right stock?  Click here
 Timing Solution and DayTrading - Preliminary Thoughts  Click here
 Timing Solution Scanner - beyond the Technical Analysis  Click here

Other Techniques
  Important: Building Annual and Moon trading models  Click here
  Important: Chaos Theory and its application in Timing Solution  Click here
  Important: Intermarket Analysis module - ten years later  Click here
  Important: Timing Solution Advanced Version description  Click here
  Important: Timing Solution Pattern Recognition  Click here
 Astrological Techniques Module  Click here
 Eclipses in Timing Solution + Eclipses Finder  Click here
 Square of Nine  Click here
 Upcoming events module  Click here

Back Testing
  Important: Beware of "good" systems II - Walk Forward Analysis  Click here
  Important: Naked Truth  Click here
 Back Testing of Similarity module  Click here
 Back testing versus optimization  Click here
 Backtesting/Verification   Click here
 GIGO versus Back Testing  Click here
 Half of Truth research  Click here
 Simplest Back Testing  Click here
 Verification of the projection line with Timing Solution  Click here
 Very simple about Back Testing  Click here
 Walk forward analysis of projection lines - definitions  Click here